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Vasili Skjaldbaka

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A sustainable lampshade that’s fun to assemble
Let the serenity of the sea wash over you with the Sea Turtle Lampshade. Vasili Lights has designed this stylish lampshade in the shape of one of the most majestic animals to grace our seas and oceans, which will bring tranquility to every home. Hang it around an existing light bulb and liven up your bedroom, lighten up your bathroom, brighten up your office, or add a little fun to the kids’ room.
The lampshade isn’t only a joy to see, it’s also fun to make! Delivered as a flat-pack, it is designed so that assembly is quick, easy and fun. You can even do it together with your children! The result is a beautiful three-dimensional lamp that will bring joy to any home.

The DIY kit includes 10 pre-cut and perforated templates made of strong and durable 300gr paper, and step-by-step instructions. The templates clearly show where to fold and glue, so that construction of your new lampshade is easy and enjoyable.
For successful assembly, you only need some glue (we use Pritt Stick or special paper glue) and, last but not least, some spatial skills and a little patience.

  • The result is more than worth your while!
  • The lampshade will easily fit around your existing ceiling light bulb. 
  • Only use an energy-saving or LED light bulb. 
  • We recommend a bulb with a maximum of 11 Watt and 400lm (lumen).

Cord set, bulb and glue are not included.
Size:         51cm by 48cm by 16cm high 
                 20" by 19" by 6,3" high 
Weight:     0,4 kg 
Color:     White / Black / Metallic

About us
Vasili Lights is an Amsterdam based design studio specialized in lighting and interior design. We are dedicated to making unique and sustainable lighting, that add atmosphere to every home and public spaces. Most of our lampshades and paper lanterns are DIY paper structures, delivered as flat-packs to reduce waste. 
If you have any questions regarding the assemblage of your dolphin lampshade, please let us know by sending an email to