Glóey exfoliator

Glóey exfoliator

4.100 ISK

Gloey exfoliator is a natural at multi-tasking. Its gentle buffing action does several things at once: by thoroughly removing sluggish surface cells, it promotes skin renewal, reduces the signs of aging, and eases the absorption of applied nutrients and moisture.  It even gives you a bit of a head-start with that last bit, using a lavish combination of coconut, sweet almond, and apricot kernel oils to moisturize your skin and prep it to absorb whatever you put on next. People with puffy eyes, acne or sensitive skin will be happy to know that this scrub also contains our signature blend of wild Icelandic herbs which calm redness, eliminate bacteria, and tell inflammation to sit the heck down.

Meanwhile, crushed olive kernels, which contain a profile of beneficial fats, and peppermint oil, an anti-depressant in aromatherapy, work hard to deep-clean and wake up your skin. The result? A polished and luminous complexion and tingly, calm, stimulated senses.  Skin that is ready to get up and GLOW!

This exfoliator's name sounds like it's written, and its name says it all. GLÓey. Yep. In Icelandic, it means 'eternal glow'. 

Has a tiny amount of beeswax for stability, so can not be classified as vegan. Product is however cruelty free.